I’ve seen that sign before, and yeah I laughed too… but then I started thinking about it.

The anti’s hate guns and want them banned.. however, they enjoy the benefits of gun ownership without actually owning a gun. Kentucky doesn’t get a whole lot of air play when it comes to guns, like Texas, but I’m willing to wager we have higher gun ownership per capita than Texas. The main reason why home invasions are so fantastically rare around here, as well as burglaries, etc, is because the bad guys don’t want to get shot. That is the main deterrent. You break into someone’s house and they pull down on you with a scattergun, well… that’s pretty much it for you.

But Mr. Bad Guy, he doesn’t actually know who has a gun and who does not. That house on the corner might have an armed owner, it might not… so Mr. Bad Guy moves on. Which means Mr. Anti-gun, he enjoys the benefits of gun ownership – the crime deterrent – without actually owning a gun.

And the dirtbag has the nerve to tell others what he thinks we should or should not own… hypocritical pencil-necked sumbitch…

If anything, he actually owes his gun-owning neighbor for keeping his insurance rates down, as well as his family safe, for making the bad guys move on…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1