Heh.. :) Had a guy come into the shop years ago with a smashed up boltgun. I asked if he accidentally backed his truck up over the rifle. He said, and I quote “Naw… I had a shot at the best elk of my life, and I missed. Got so angry, I beat the tree next to me with the rifle…”

He wanted me to restock it for him, which I did. But only after I made him promise not to beat any more trees with his rifle… if he did, I would not fix it come the next time.

Beating a coyote to death? Well… some folks do what they do not because they turned down the job offer at NASA, ya know? ;) I usually don’t credit most folks with an overabundance of brains, but I had a fellow use an LC Smith Premier Grade he inherited to shoot a trout. Both barrels… and yes, he stuck both barrels underwater before he pulled the trigger. He brought what was left to me in a box. I have never seen a shotgun so thoroughly destroyed, before or since. Nothing I could do. It even set the receiver back. I gave him 25$ for the parts I could scavenge – screws and pins and springs and such – and mounted the rest on my wall to serve as a lesson to others…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1