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I would add:
– the sense of community and community values as a whole in the BOL. I don’t mean just immediate neighbors.
– the elevation in general for better opsec and above sea level and proximity to rivers and flood plains that may (even if is just a one off historic event) flood.

Joel Skousen has a good book (I think) on the subject called Strategic Relocation. Here’s a link to his web site.

It’s hard to find one place that has all of the best things/features unless you get really, really lucky or have very deep pockets IMHO.

We looked at lots of property all over the place for 4 years before finding this one. Our personal biggest concerns were: #1 water, #2 soil quality #3 mixture of open land and some woods #4 well off major roads #5 small, like-minded, open-minded community of people with ‘old-fashioned’, self-sufficient skills but yet well-educated #6 existing infrastructure in good condition to lessen time constructing what would be needed and spending time doing more grunt work than necessary

In the end you do the best you can with what resources you have and the constraints of your current life situation