The cautery works great. We use them in the ER and I really like these. They come individually packed sterile.

I used them one or two times those small “pen style” but here it is way to expensive and kinda hard to find. In some ER s here only sometimes it can be found, but not battery operated, more like huge “Russian” style machines :)

Other then oral and nasal airway, what are the your suggestions for “advanced” airway?

I pack laryngoscope and ET tubes, combitube too, BVM etc. Still looking for laryngeal masks (yes, again, here airway management stops at ET tubes, everything above is like “man, that s cool where did you find that? :)

As a colleague I am interesting to hear your opinion on that, simply because there s opinions that it is “too much” in real SHTF, and no means for continuing care for that kind of patient.

I agree very much with taking classes, and I strongly suggest PHTLS classes too. Not sure for requirements who can take that classes (there) but I guess everyone can order a book:

Prehospital Trauma Life Support

Appreciate your contributing here.