Chicago has long been a protected criminal zone.

I had family there once, they all escaped.

Funny story, a dozen or so years back, a friend was retiring after 30 years on the “job”.

Two ‘dicks’ showed up on his doorstep three days before it was official. Leaning on him and pointing out that once he took the badge off, he was little people and couldn’t possess his guns, the same guns he had used effectively to defend the people of Chicago.

Well this didn’t sit too well with my friend, and he told them in no uncertain terms what would happen if they didn’t get off his porch immediately.

Three days later he went in to turn in his badge, pulled up in front of the police plaza in a uhaul, double parked it, went inside and turned in his badge and ID, then went out and left Illinois for good. He had already sold his house, had zero reasons to stay so he told them to pound sand and left.

The meter maid was a little distraught when he tore the parking ticket up in front of her and said come and find me.

Last we spoke he was providing a safe haven for the guns of fellow LEO’s out of state that they can visit anytime.

With people like Rahm, Commander Zero, and the rest of the Chi-town crooks, I’m almost surprised that someone doesn’t do something,  but then dis iz chicago, nothing ever gets better.