<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Selco wrote:</div>
“There is only one solution to a crime problem like that, kill the criminals. Take back the streets, take back the night.” 1974, many times I thought that solution is good here too, but it is hard to do it when whole system is corrupt and wrong. Too many people to kill :) Only solution is something big and violent to happen, to change corrupted system, but there s no enough will and power for that.
Anyway it will collapsed alone, without intervention.

I’m afraid that there is plenty of power and will to make something happen in southern Africa,  the problem is that the criminals are in power.

South Africa has a one man one vote popular vote system, so whichever tribe can pull the most votes, wins. Shona, Zulu, doesn’t really matter as they are communist backed.

SA is a melting pot of crime, and still the most violent democracy in the world.

I still say there’s only one way to combat it, as the professional police retired or left some 20 years ago, and that’s to eliminate the criminals.

Guards, barbed wire and fences don’t make it any safer, it just slows the entry, the only way to make it safer is to remove the threat permanently.