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Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!

You could do just about anything anyone could accomplish outside of a standing medical facility out of your med kit.  Awesome job!  Anything I could add is fluff or just being picky.

That said, a skin stapler is handier than sutures and doesn’t take a great deal of dexterity to use, in case you’re cold, hungry, or tired.  It’s especially good for scalp lacs.  A needle appropriate for chest decompression would be nice too (although the outcome would still be a crap shoot), and I would add oral hydration gels and a small water filter like a Lifestraw or equivalent to maybe save from having to use an IV (especially where sanitation is an issue and you don’t want to introduce an infection route, or, if one just can’t be placed).  One thing I would definitely want in the pack is a dedicated headlamp, chem-lights, or something.  I know a light source is supposed to be on your person, but we all know Murphy’s law.  Someone is bound to get effed up in the middle of the night.  It will probably be me .  ;)

All that said, I am still very impressed with your setup.  Great job!