I agree , that you would find friendships closer than you would on the outside ………….but miss war ? not buying it . Most people I have talked to that have seen combat , say they would  have been better off NOT seeing the **** they saw and did . There is a psychological disorder with people that spent too much time in prison ……….they cant deal with the outside and being 100% independent , I would guess the same is true with people that spent too much time in the military . One of the biggest problems the ex cons have is that they are on their own , nobody telling them what to do , and as importantly , people not obeying them .

You do need to be deprogrammed from both if you want to get and have a life . When the slaves were freed after the civil war , they had to LEARN HOW to be free , they were so conditioned to every aspect of their lives being dictated to them ……that they didnt know how to be free , function or behave on the outside …………I think there is some of that scenario with cons and some vets , that were in too long .