We do send lookouts with vehicle registration numbers with details, warnings friends and clients, schools, security companies and with time the police arrest some criminals or you get crime displacement. The crime move to the next area that’s a little less vigilant… have replaced their stolen goods with new ones..haha Left the empty box on the street.. ready for “collection”.

Yes, Freedom. I do not mind to suffer, but I will do my very best to provide the best for my child and my family. I will put up a fight if being attacked – because my child needs me alive.

The part we need to really work on, is keeping their worlds safe. Not only physically safe from harm. We need to keep them healthy by providing healthy organic food. Protect them from harmful vaccinations causing autism and other strange illness. Vaccinations banned in other places of the world are still being send and used in Africa.

The part most people tend to forget – protect them from your worries. They need not hear the news – see the news- absorb all the cruel world throw at us. Mind what you share with them. They can camp and learn about survival without the stress. Let them be kids without a worry in the world for as long as possible

1974 I do have two locations. The one is one tank of gas (petrol), the other two tanks of gas. Still working on the safety in numbers part.