Jay wrote : “One question, are there something like “idiot traps” in South Africa? You mentioned the criminal pushed the panic button himself. How effective are things like pressure mats and similar traps that could be easy to spot but they still work because your criminals arent the sharpest tools in the shed?”

Most people have got a panic button that need to be pushed for a complete two seconds for the signal to go through to control room. They hang it under their clothes around their neck. Banks do have certain procedures, codes and buttons. Armed response will respond to an alarm or panic button being activated, if they find the client safe they will ask a question, if not answered correctly they know the client is not safe and criminals is still in the house, maybe holding other people hostage. Security guards also use code names or answer in a predetermined way if they are in trouble over the radio. Unfortunately most criminals do their homework before hitting big places. They get inside information from employees or their own informants about traps and procedures. They will also test responds time from police and security. But people owning shops and employees get to know their tricks as well. If a clever security guard is being asked for the time or directions – he move away from the person, put his back to  the closest wall and start observing.