Sorry gents, and ladies.

I’m not seeing the quick hangmans noose drop for the economy.

There’s too many plates out there, too many hands in the pockets, too many would lose out if it all went TU tomorrow. The long slow grind for decades like we’ve already been experiencing is the most likely.

And even cataclysmic events, barring a Yellowstone super volcano or some such, will go mainly unnoticed by most.

Bangladesh goes under water permanently, doesn’t effect me or my area, tragic or not.

Short of a superpower doing something suicidal,  I dare say the long grind is the future.

I don’t discount what anyone is saying, but a systemic collapse like we all fear is highly unlikely as such. Could a terrorist attack on the ‘grid’ make life miserable for a while? Entirely so. But even that wouldn’t bring about the “end” some predict. Too many other places would be unaffected and would lend or sell assistance.

Again I say look at Rhodesia and what has happened over the last 35 years.

Slowly increasing decline, food shortages,  water shortages, power shortages, devaluation of the currency several times, rampant inflation, corruption incarnate.  And yet its still not bad enough for the people to revolt or attempt a real change. They just continue to ride it out.  The funny part to some is that they voted this into existence, destroying what was successful.

The thread on South Africa stands out also, crime at astronomical levels, corruption,  and yet people just continue to ride it out.  Even with the best reasons in the world, they continue the ride.

I don’t think we will see a true collapse in our lifetimes,  as even if all computers were suddenly lost, there will always be pencils.

Look what was accompanied with pencils and paper over more than 2 years, D-Day. The logistics for the invasion were done in pencil. The planning,  the stockpiling of material, the delivery of men, machines and supplies.  It could be done again, just better.

Ships would still float, trains still run. And all could use timetables and schedules again, it wasn’t all that long ago they used them, within my lifetime.

I could be wrong, thats one reason I prep. The other is to cushion the effect of this happening.

My grandparents spoke of the great depression.  Of the decades it truly lasted, what happened, what was needed,  and more so, what little people actually did beyond their reach. Vote for one side of a coin or the other. Same coin, same problems.

Russia and China sign an agreement over oil? Big deal. Doesn’t effect us really.

Don’t want china to grow or continue as they are? Stop buying chinese junk. Want to build our economy? Buy American.  We can still build a superior product,  one just has to accept its going to cost more, thanks to our taxes, unions and the like.

Buy the best pay once, buy junk, keep paying.

Many, many years ago my grandfather bought a sweatshirt. think post-Korean War. I still wear that sweatshirt. I’ve worn out any number of cheap modern sweatshirts, but the old one lasts and is so much more comfortable, there’s no comparison.

We can save our economy,  we can build our country up.  We have to take a stand though and most will chicken out.