There is only one solution to a crime problem like that, kill the criminals.

Take back the streets, take back the night.

It becomes lethal to be a criminal,  guess what stops.

Leopard,  you live in a combat zone, there is no denying it. Treat it as such, enemy combatants get shot, non combatants don’t.  It really is that easy.

Farm being invaded? Roaches check in but they don’t check out. Its obvious the police haven’t been able to do anything since 1992, so take them out of the equation.  Let them deal with the pile of bodies dumped elsewhere.

10, 000 career criminals are suddenly found unceremoniously killed and dumped on street corners, crime patterns will change. And no coordination is needed, only a couple of people start the ball rolling, others will follow suit.

The people declare war on the criminals, things will change. But it will make those in power down there very scared, especially since they’re criminals also.

A rough solution?  Granted, but likely the only one that will work there.