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Selco, I agree with you but I honestly feel it has already begun. Why? All I can say is that it is a deep, humming feeling. Definitely the world is spinning out of control on so many fronts.

I think that SHTF will be not one event, but a series of events, probably from different sectors, around the world that happen in rapid succession that really makes everything go boom. Have said it before, I have always believed Mother Nature will continue to speak louder and louder. Her role to me is the biggest wild card. A big earthquake in our state of California? Oh brother the ripple effects from that alone. A series of earthquakes or major storms? A war erupting somewhere where some stupid politicians rattle their sabers demanding my country get involved?

The general public does sense the world has gone crazy…but hide their heads in the sand, behind their tech gadgets or in front of the tv and assume, eventually ‘someone’ will make sense out of ‘it all’ for them.

Then too, one persons idea of what a SHTF time is can be quite different from another’s idea. Personally I think SHTF time has arrived…that it has begun…it’s just going to get worse.