There’s a reason Cops are Cops. Same as soldiers.

Adrenaline and your place.

There is something to be said for what happens when you’ve been a cop (soldier) long enough. You start wanting and needing the adrenaline ‘fix’.

That high speed chase, isn’t so fast after a while. Your confidence becomes so high, you become bulletproof, invincible, invulnerable, invisible.

Yes, you do miss that after you are ‘out’. You need that fix like any other junkie.


Then there’s your place in the world.

A soldier is there to fight, there’s an enemy, a target, a defined adversary. Back in the world, nothing is as well defined or black and white. The only people you can trust are the guys in your ‘troop’, your brothers in arms.

Same for cops. The only people you can trust when you leave the ‘shop’ are the other guys in ‘blue’. No badge? You ain’t one of us, you aren’t trusted like other ‘bluesuiters’. Once you put that badge on for any length of time, you become different, you look at things differently, you see people differently, you don’t trust like anybody else. You can’t, everybody lies to you.

Being part of a group like these is different, you can’t truly understand the feelings, the trust, the camaraderie, and he hits on this well in this video.


Do I miss being a cop? More than I can express. Much like most soldiers who get out.

Do I miss listening to victims describe the rape, investigating fatal accidents, the long hours away from home, missing ball games and concerts, telling parents that their kid isn’t coming home tonite?

In a sad sort of way, yes. Why? Because someone has to do it, and I could/did. Some people can’t handle these things, it destroys them from the inside out. You learn to deal with the bad things, and move on to the next emergency.

Then there’s the challenge, the game, the puzzle.

Like so many other things, it’s the little things that make it worth it.

The little girl who hugs you after you return her teddybear, the tears in the victims eyes when a just sentence is passed, a simple thank you card.

I have customers who were/are soldiers, they also talk about the little things. The little kid they gave the puppy to, inoculating and saving a village, and much more.

Why do so many soldiers become cops? Because of everything I put forth above.