(I have a theory that if you spray paint dried out dog **** flat black, hot glue some black velcro on it somewhere and call it “Tactical”, some damn fool will buy it… )

Very good theory, I completely agree. It is always about how many times somebody else said to you that something is “cool” to have. “Tactical” things are especially “cool” to have, and when SHTF they will feed you, defend you, find water for you. You will be new Rambo version :)

Yea, there are cool stuff there to have sure, like all this posts saying, good thing is to try them all.
Cool thread, and great suggestions and examples.
Often I remember my homemade SHTF knife sheath, made from hard book covers, sewed together with piece of wire.
Did not looked tactical at all, looked like s..t actually, but did work.