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Thanks Tweva, I don’t know the relation between the two, from what we understood…I had a tumor metastasis onto the kidney, the kidney was functional, they just couldn’t separate the two, so the kidney went along with part of my colon. I’m a five year + survivor, and just fine now. My left shoulder still gives me a little trouble, and my left hand too
I’m interested in the sleeve thing your brother had. They say “What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger” I have better advice.. Just lift weights and exercise and to hell with illnesses.
Yea that wife of mine is something special, you should have seen her caring for our team of draft horse’s. 2000 lbs each, and heres Kat all of 125 lbs working and caring for these two monsters. I have three big strong sons as well, but they were working and in school most of that time.