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Depends who you’re trying to blend in from. If you want to blend ‘greyman’ style hiding from govt. then you shouldn’t be here, unless you are accessing through a VPN tunneler via tor . . . ;-)

Agree with most of what you say below that (and absolutely no comments on your political/cultural views, Selco-Jay’s forums are among very few places that are not yet hopelessly destroyed by false dichotomy left-right trolling fights). Probably missing your sarcasm, but I do not share your enthusiasm about VPN+TOR. Would it really be that good, it would be outright prohibited and severely persecuted by TPTB. I do not trust the I2P and Freenet either, despite those two look more and more interesting (i.e. usable) recently. Gnunet one day, perhaps, but with current computers being eventually deterministic systems I just have that nasty feeling…

Yeah, I’m not personally a user of Tor, nor do i really consider it an answer. Similarly, I almost never use VPN services, I don’t need to!