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Went into sportsmans warehouse the other day, I have a decent supply of ammo, but I have this 300 savage model 99, that was my wifes fathers. I thought that was a common gun, saw lots when I was a kid. Better sit down…$39.00 a box, I never shoot the thing, neither does the wife. I was just thinking that if I have the gun, that I ought to have a supply of ammo for it, I have a couple of boxes that I’ve had around for years, but since I have a good stack of ammo for everything else, 22lr included, I thought I’d spend 100 bucks or so on 300sav. Little did I realize that would be 3 boxes. Know what else is crazy? .44mag, good thing I don’t shoot that very often. I think that was $ 35.00 a box but at least that was for 50…
About two years ago, I was at a gun show and bought two cans of 5.56 green tip 62 grain @ 420 rounds ea. $ 129.00 ea I saw them online for $199.00+shipping. There may be plenty around but the price ain’t near what it was.