@ twee

I wear sandals around the house/farm mostly… unless I’m going to be working in the barn or with the livestock or down at the pond… then it’s a pair of Redwings.

Thing is, I usually go through a pair of sandals in about one summer. They just fall apart. Mostly the padding shreds, then the rubber wears away underneath.., long before the sole gives out or the leather straps give way. I’m rebuilding my last pair. They were comfy and did a fine job, but the padding just shredded away… so, I’m cutting away the shreddy bits and will Shoe Goo a nice trimmed hunk of Horse Butt leather over the whole mess, which will give them a second chance at service. My current pair of sandals are in the mud room, drying. One of the straps cut loose and yanked up the padding… and I just got them!. So, I gooped some Shoe Goo in there and smooshed it back together… hopefully it will hold until Project Sandals is finished.

Starting to think that if I took a chunk of off-road tire (the tread part), cut it to fit and then ‘Gooed a running shoe insert to that, then leather over that… it would make one damn fine pair of sandals…

@ HillBilly

Probably the only thing tacticool they did right was those flashlights. I got a Surefire 9Z (they don’t make em anymore) that runs on those 123 batteries… don’t use it much, but I do take it with me when scouting the barn or the grounds looking for thieves… we got meth and pill heads around here. Both me and my neighbor been hit. I lost two saddles, he lost an air compressor, fishing tackle and some other stuff… Me, that flashlight and a Model 12 Winchester… rural 911… heh.. :)

Good stuff for the list… keep it going, y’all!

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1