Guys, I’m not taking the side of the government on this one… but a couple years ago, some halfwit decided that the plain vanilla feral hogs were too easy to hunt…

So, this Einstein crosses some feral hogs with a Russian wild boar. Apparently to make them bigger, meaner, tougher and more of a “challenge”…


Ever see the pictures of Hogzilla? That’s where it came from… and there’s more just like it. And as far as destroying the feral hog population, that’s totally fine with me. The things are downright ornery and will do their best to kill you if they can. They’re also not indigenous. We’ve got some around here, along with coyotes… I despise coyotes.

Granted, the pig population represents a potential food source, but check out these pics of what’s wandering around out there in the weeds… tell me those friggin tusks wouldn’t kill you dead in a heartbeat?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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