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Agree Malgus on soup spoon! A true, trusty companion. I measure dig/plant with it sometimes, use it to pry stuff up with (mine is a sturdy bugger pre-chinese made) – all kinds of things

I carry my soup spoon, and these things with me on my person around the farm and before that whenever I was riding
Leatherman pocket knife – what else to say
– a tiny round tin with a small piece of bees wax in it to pull out small splinters, slick something up to make it move easier – just plain useful
duck tape - over the years – invaluable – large piece folded to size of playing card in back pocket with a small piece of course sandpaper folded in it (to make something a bit sharper or take dried goo off a tool) with a piece of flat wire folded over it all (sometimes you just need a piece of wire on the place)

On the ATV I always carry:
– a handful of fence nails, u-staples
– a big screw driver (it does obvious but also works as my go-to tow hitch when my hands hurt from arthritis and don’t want to bother with cotter pins
-my machete – hacks off low branches, chops off a piece of wire, can dig with it – just useful
-my cattle prod/snake tool
-plastic colored flag tape (to mark location of something I need to remember to do something about) and tie stuff up with

Thanks Malgus I didn’t know about ‘shoe goo’! – I’ll have to try ‘shoe goo’ on my boots – they are about 9 months old Timberlands – I like to try and get a year out of them if I can.

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