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Yes sir good stuff right there, shoegoo imagine that? Being a knife guy I’m kind of partial to what knifes I have on me at any certain time…
1st my folder, never go outside without it. A kershaw onion. nuff said. and of course I have a leatherman, who doesn’t? Next I guess is your basic K bar, not always carrying that, pretty much just when I’ve got my battle rattle on. I’m a retired butcher, I have way too many knifes..
550 cord, good stuff, can never have too much of that. A spork with a can opener on one end, well if I ever see one I’ll think of you Malgus. I always keep a folding shovel in my truck, sharpened one side so it’s a weapon too, but mostly a brush wacker. One thing I carry a lot more now is one of those tacticool flashlights, 300 or 400 lumens. The kind that takes 2 cr123 batteries. When its dark, shine one of those in someones face, turn it off, and your invisible!Just walk away…