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Whirl – so you think the govt plan will have no effect? I don’t live in an area where they are a problem yet. Coyotes however are a different matter. Didn’t used to have them around here.

On the hogs, the .gov program will have little to no effect.

Realistically, hogs breed faster than they can be killed, i.e. exponentially.

Feral hogs can breed any time of year. Females can be mature at 6 months and produce two litters of one to seven piglets every 12–15 months. As a result, feral hog populations can double in four months. Although some piglets die within their first three months, feral hogs generally live to age four or five and sometimes to age eight.

They can say all they want, but unless the common hunter starts nailing the hogs year round, and with no limits, the hogs are going to keep going and going.


Helicopters, talk about a less than cost effective method. Between ‘hourly’ maintenance costs, gas, the pilot and shooter(s), they realistically won’t be flying at night because of the risk most places (power lines, trees, etc), it’s perfect to most .gov minds.

Heck the risk to normal folk having more idiots out there with loaded guns pointed out the sides of helicopters is beyond comprehension. The first time some blithering fda idiot fires a couple of shots at a couple out spooning in the sticks after seeing them in the night vision, it will get nasty.

Post your land, they still have to obtain permission to cross your land. Flying is another matter, but on foot or vehicles, Post it, fence it, tell them you’d rather have the hogs, the hogs have better manners.

At least the hogs are only trying to eat you out of house and home, not tax it all away.
<div id=”stcpDiv” style=”position: absolute; top: -1999px; left: -1988px;”>Whirlybird,Using normal hunting methods what you say is true however I suspect they will use helocopters to aid the shooters.