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How about “mandatory evacuations” been thru that a couple of times. I remember telling my nephew to load all my guns and ammo and my knife collection into his jeep cherokee, must have weighed about 1500 lbs, the whole back end sagged something bad. 2 draft horses and 4 dogs, a flatbed truck full of furniture, cars loaded to the maximum capacity with every thing like paper work old photos and family heirlooms.
The sheriffs were actually pretty cool about everything. The said we won’t physically make you move, but we can’t guarantee your safety either. Seemed fair to me, but I wasn’t going anywhere until I couldn’t take the heat. That was the first time. The following year they weren’t so nice, not so much the sheriffs but the county road department. The fire was 6 miles away, and on the other side of a valley. But the two county workers sat in their chairs at the road block and would not let me thru. I told them that I was returning with supplies and my spread was right there, you could see my home from where they had set up the road block. No way, they weren’t gonna let me thru. Well I took that as a challenge! Ya aint gonna keep a Hillbilly off HIS land… So I locked my truck in 4x low and sort of created a new road. Might have kicked a few rocks in the dirt their way, don’t know. I never looked back and they didn’t come after me. That time the fire never got close enough to go. We have fire fighting equipment on the property, I don’t know if it’s enough but all those preps! I’d need a semi truck to get it all out..#*/k that!