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I guess I’m a pretty good example of a “grey man”.  I’m a family physician doing normal family physician stuff, seeing patients, ordering lab tests and x-rays, prescribing pills, pushing pixels around my computer screen all day, and so on.  The main thing which makes me different from other people is that I think there is a significant possibility of SHTF, which could potentially come from a number of different sources: economic collapse, peak energy, water shortage causing mass migration, and so on.

Some people might think it’s unusual for a “professional” type person like a doctor, lawyer or accountant to have an interest in SHTF.  People like us are doing pretty well out of the present system so wouldn’t we just want to keep the status quo going as long as possible?  Well, I think that if SHTF occurs it won’t make much difference how much money we earned before, or what our social status was before.  We are all going to be in the same boat, and an unprepared doctor is going to be in a worse position than a prepared plumber, so we may as well all prepare.

I can’t talk to anyone about this unless they already know and understand.  Too much risk to my professional reputation.  However, I leave a few clues for other preppers to pick up if they want to: for example, in my consulting room I have some books casually lying around about vegetable gardening, seed saving, root cellaring and so on, and if anyone says “that looks like an interesting book”, well, that could lead to an interesting conversation.