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I started out going to share with ya’ll about the time the power was out for 21 days, cause of a snowstorm, but after reading Ici Lewis’s story I guess I’ll go with my cancer story…Back about 6 years ago I owned a campground. As a new owner I worked my ass off 14 to 18 hours a day. This went on from may to the following may or june. I started to just run low on energy, it got worse and worse. Then one day my shoulder went numb, after a few days it got painful and I felt crappy anyway. I had no idea what was wrong with me, Well as any good wife does, she made me go to my doctor. He didn’t know what the hell was wrong either but he prescribed some pain pills and I took em as I was in pain. For the next two months all that happened is I got worse,lost weight and took even more pain pills.
I went from a solid 235lbs down to 180, finally my wife had me see a doctor client of hers as she was in real estate at the time. He said, and I’ll never forget his words, it would be a shame to miss a cancer..
By now I had two frozen shoulders that hurt like hell and I didn’t give a damn about the cancer. Silly me, because now I was down to 165 lbs, and people I’d known a long time didn’t recognize me, I thought I was losing my mind too.Running out of room here so I’ll make it short, I lost a kidney, surgery. 2 weeks in a hospital, but that was the easy part. The rehab on my shoulders was my hell like experience. 2 bilateral manipulations and one more on my left, 6 months of brutal rehab. The cancer 4th stage wasn’t nothing compared to the shoulder trouble, oh and the hands too. It all seems so long ago, but here I am, not the man I use to be, but compared to then I’m about 85% – a kidney, but I’m happy. There’s a lot more, like I lost the business, financial. Almost my house& property due to a forest fire while I was in the hospital.Good thing for family, they took care of the homestead when I could not. If this had happened during SHTF, I would not have made it…From when I went in my wife never left my side, she stayed in the hospital with me! Would NOT go when the staff told her to.I couldn’t even push the call button for the nurse’s. That’s my story.