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I’m in Alaska.  22lr is virtually impossible to get without knowing the shipment schedules for the various retail stores.  I haven’t seen a brick myself on a store shelf in over 18 months.

Most everything else seems to be available. Cases of 223 have been sitting on shelves, so the run on 223 appears to be over for now.  I also don’t see much of the bulk handgun calibers: 45, 9mm, 40.  You can get the 50 round boxes, but not much else.  When I shoot my 22 I chamber every round individually, rather than load an entire mag.  I shoot fewer rounds, but seem to have as much fun.

Went shooting at a friends house on Saturday.  We were shooting at exploding targets.  We were using a steel door as a back stop. The exploding targets blew a cantaloupe-sized hole through both sides of the door, FYI.  I was very surprised.