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Malgus,  actually I have still the grand debate with myself…is the gift of life the greatest gift from whomever runs the world….or is it the gift of free will?  But then I believe my soul is eternal n my body of course…not. And I do believe I have lived other lives on earth. But that is my personal belief.

Of course I would defend my life and that of my fam/friends.

But I know I would have hesitation n probably die because of it, in engaging in complete barbarism.

I think your overall point however in creating a proacyive defense, and multi layered is correcy. I regret that I have no military or othrr training to help me develop a solid plan I have any confidence in..so do/try best I can from what I learn from others. Trying to pull others in my own group n community group together enough to Focus on concrete overall defense strategies (other than collecting a bunch of guns) is like herding cats…often devolving into, ‘but what if’s’ of endless speculation.

Frustrating  n  slow progress.

I can say that , my community group of friends has no delusions that just because we r in the country we arr immune/safe by any means.  We do see/know the challenges. Luckily the countryside is foreign to many peeps, scares/makes many nervous!  So one tiny thing in our favor. We were studying topo map today trying to determine how we could use opening the spillways on our various ponds could add a delaying barrier layer in our tiny area. Interesting calculating in acre ft of water. Also  experimenting making/using quicksand in a few possible places. But maybe we need some sharp sturdy poles and Vlad morals/thinking…it’d save a lot of this other planning work probably.

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