Very good Malgus.

I often say that having the big storage of food and good shelter, especially in urban settings gonna delay maybe moment when you need to go out, but you will need to go out one day, simply because you need to stay connected with that new world outside.

Picture of guy who “severed” all connections with new bad world outside is simply not realistic, you need to stay “tuned” with what is going outside.

I read that comments and topics about “bad guys lurking in the tree lines , waiting to snipe our guys, and rape women”.

Yea, if you consider your BOL as a peaceful base completely not “tuned” in what is going on around you.
How about using some scouts in wood, outposts, traps, guards, fences etc.
It simply can not be peaceful movie scene at your BOL while everywhere around you world is falling apart.
Actually it make sense for your guys to have snipers on watch, if situation asks for that.

As for the question “what you are prepared to do?” lot of you will see that you can do lot of things when it comes to the defend of your family.