Do not discount the old ways of preserving foods because they’re not “new”…

Taking a bit of mineral oil and rubbing it over (coating) a fresh egg will allow it to keep much, much longer than normal. My old addlepated brain says eggs treated this will will last months, but best to test that premise out on a batch of eggs now while we are in plenty…

Also, someone sent me the recipe for Scottish Eggs – basically a hard boiled egg that’s been peeled and coated in steel cut oats. Eggs treated this way lasted much longer for a journey, but I have no idea how long they remain viable. Best to test.

Biltong. Get with Leopard. Maybe they know the recipe. Also pemmican. Traditional pemmican used rendered fat, bits of jerked meat and cranberries. It kept so well, the Lewis and Clark expedition survived on almost nothing but pemmican for their explorations. The fat is just packed solid with lipids and calories – the raw fuel your body needs during heavy exertion. Dried meat provided protein and the cranberries provided Vitamin C. I made some before. It’s actually not bad. Very filling.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1