Guys and gals…

One of the things that I used to like to do was “wargame” in my mind what an enemy would do. This goes to “Know Thy Enemy”. Meaning – “What would you do if you were the Bad Guy?” or alternately, “If you can think of it, then so can the Bad Guys”. Do not make the mistake of playing “Chess”. You need to start learning how to play “Go”. This means “stop thinking tactically and think strategically”. Make them play by your rules, not the other way around. And try to think several moves ahead – this goes way beyond having a Plan B.

Most folks are happy to think that they will just hunker in the bunker, let everything blow over and then emerge – blinking in the light of a new day. Yeah. Keep on thinking this way, and you will get dead.

The problem is that when you are thinking defensively, then you are reacting to their initiative. You are letting them define the battle space. If you continue to think like that, you will lose and get very dead. Probably horribly so.

We know that Bad Guys will do their best to infiltrate our digs, kills the defenders, rape whomever is left, take what they want and burn everything else to the ground. Well, what are we gonna do about that?

Think proactively. Do not settle for a “crust” defense like you’re playing a game of Risk. Think defense in depth. Multiple layers with multiple fall-back positions. Moreover, you have to define the battle space. You need to take the initiative and act decisively and with overwhelming violence of action. I’m not talking beating them. I’m not even talking about whupping them (which is several steps beyond an ass-whuppin), I’m talking about hurting them so badly you break them for all time and so demoralize them that they NEVER want to eff with you and your tribe ever again. Yes, this even includes harassing them in any way possible before they get to your digs pre-emptivly.

In the words of Sean Connery in The Untouchables: “What are you prepared to do?”

Like Ferfal recounting stories of the Bad Guys sniping defenders and then raping, pillaging, burning, etc, we have to out-think the Bad Guys. They like sniping, do they? Fine. Clear out brush and trees and leave them someplace to hide on purpose. Then booby trap that with whatever you have – binary explosives mixed with ball bearings or whatever you have handy – old rusty nails and screws, shards of broken glass, even rocks. A fougasse or flame fougasse, whatever you can think of. Deploy hunter/killer teams – counter-snipers and flankers whose sole purpose is to harass and eliminate anybody with a scoped rifle.

Remember Vlad The Impaler? Vlad knew the question “What are you prepared to do?” really well.

Vlad, despite his bad reputation (though well-deserved), singlehandedly saved Christendom. If I remember right, the Turks were on the march, intending to invade Europe and either convert everyone in it, or kill them. Their route of march took them straight through Vlad’s digs. Vlad knew they were coming and appealed for help in holding them off. The petty princes were so absorbed in their own squabbles they pretty much ignored Vlad. Europe was wholly unprepared for this invasion. So, Vlad used the Nuclear Option of his day – a Low Orbital Ion Cannon of terror and intimidation.

He took thousands of captured Turks and stuck them on long, pointy poles, right up their hindquarters – and left them to shriek and die slow. The Turk army arrived at the frontier to see a literal forest of their countrymen impaled and treated so cruelly, that against orders they turned around and went home, certain they were facing the Lightbringer Himself…

There is a reason why our ancestors flayed the flesh from their enemies’ bones and put them on display.. as a psychological deterrent, it worked. I’m not advocating this, as I am very certain there are levels of barbarism we are not prepared to descend into. I merely use it to illustrate that the Bad Guys have no compunction against killing you, raping what’s left, taking your stuff and then reducing you and your home to ashes. That’s pretty barbaric. The only thing these modern-day Huns understand is force – who has it, who has more than them and who is prepared to use it freely. Black Jack Pershing had his soldiers dip their bullets in pig blood before going engaging the Moros. He also let it be known that any Moro (who were Muslims) who was killed would be buried drenched in pig blood and wrapped in pigskins. Any Moro captured would be shot with tainted bullets, then buried as described above. HUGE psychological weapon.

I’m not saying I’m a badass. I’m saying I know what I might be called on to do to protect me and mine, and I am prepared to do what I have to – use any and all weapons at my disposal, physical as well as psychological.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1