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it’s sound like fairytale isn’t it ?

but the truth is… it’s biblical proportion disaster

the fact is, this “story” is in all of holy book in all religion ( Christianity, Jew, Islam, etc ). Even in the Hindu we have that kind of story with plenty of “actor” and their character the title is “Mahabharata”. how we know that this is nuclear warfare ?. because of the description of the Sri Khrisna weapon that have power of the sun that can kill 1.000.000 soldier just by one blast.

not only all holy book are telling us how scary the nuclear blast, but the amazing thing is, what are the sign of it ( the event before it happened, the description about what era when it is happened ) and the post strike. as if it is a kind of film script.

is there any hope for us ?

of course … God also tell us how we deal with it ( if we believe it ).

but the hardest part is, the only strategy that God tell us are not how we prepare to deal with it ( stocking food, building ship / bunker / whatever ), but rather… how we run from it

from our ( moslem ) brother, we get the detail about it. when God telling us about the story about 7 man with 1 dog that run from the city because of Pagan Ruler that thretening their faith ( and their life ). so they run and hide in the cave which is located in the hill / mountain. The name of the story are “ashabul kahfi”. even in the Al Quran there is surah ( chapter ) about it… Al Kahfi

so from this story, God telling us that the best preparedness we must do are making our own community ( symbolize by 7 man ) in rural area ( symbolize by cave in hill ) that far from city or in the wilderness.

so when the roaring gang is attacking us, we can run for the hill ( with only our bug out bag ) and “when the dust are settle” we can back to our “home”. That still there and with most of equipment we need to live a live. remember… the criminal gang most of the time only take what they need and leaving… the only our stuff they take are food ( especially ready eat food ), jewelery, gas, car and few tool they can carry. but most of our belonging are untouch. yup, they anticipated for our strike back, so they are leaving in hurry.

the case are different if our bug out are in the city ( bug in ), the chance are 90% of our stuff ( which is in the ground up ) are flat to the ground or toast. the remaining 10% are untouch if we have bunker. Although we have bunker, most of electronic are damage by EMP strike ( except if we have EMP shield ), food+water are useless because of radiation ( except if we have anti radiation case that we can carry around )

remember… the nuclear blast can reach area with radius 50 kilometers, where in 5 km from nuclear blast everything are toast ( living thing are instantly vapourizing ), 5-10 km are medium damage but the radiation still can kill us or make us sick forever. and the next 10-50 km the radiation level still can make us sick for the rest of our life and our next unborn child ( thank’s to genetics mutation from nuclear radiation )