The beans, rice and corn were in vacuum sealed bags. I had it all on steel self-standing shelving. Away from anything that could be used to climb into the bags. All was off the floor by at least 12 inches. ******* got in somehow. They chewed into the rear of the bags.

I am now the Plastic Container King.

I have owls that live in the water tower in my front yard. I never have had trouble with mice. Guess the owls may have taken a vacation to Florida.

So far I have killed two snakes. They came in looking for mice.

Thanks Selco for the information. Tweva, Freedom and Namelus: that is exactly the information I needed.

Thanks to Wal-Mart I now will be caning verses buying food for after SHTF. Even that is going into plastic totes.

I have 6 large plastic tubs ready for planting. This I will dehydrate and vacuum seal.

Protein will be from deer, wild pig and fish. I don’t have to leave my front yard except to fish.