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i like the idea of bug in the city,because leaving city means leaving 90% of my belonging.

but considering this era as “nuclear” warfare, even the best bunker are not solving our problem. especially after the nuclear blast ( get out from bunker and rebuilding ). not because of some gang waiting for us or foreign troop will shoot us. but because of nuclear radiation. we can die no matter how we are prepare ( except we have somekind of BOV or suit that capable to shield us from nuclear radiation ).

99,99% of us are never experiencing it, that why nuclear disaster  are not “real” for us. the only human ever “experiencing” it are the survivor of nagasaki and hirosyima. so better to look and listen to their story about it ( we can search it in youtube )

so… forget about roaring gang, foreign troop or even our “jealous” neighbour. doesn’t matter who is the first that pull the “trigger”, few minutes after the first strike, all of city are “toast” and flat to the ground. Thank’s to the automatic trigger or predetermined policy ( if they dare to strike us with nuke… then we do )