How often you checking your storage? Is it stored in bags, containers or buckets? I prefer canned food, and trying to keep my storage clean and checked a lot.

I also like storing in buckets, but here it is not so easy to find good (for food) buckets.
Jars are good ideas too, and keeping it in small packages (flour,sugar,rice…) instead big bags.

Good idea is to look how much you eat today, and go with 1.5 more, or 2x for the time when SHTF.
Your life when SHTF will be probably harder, you gonna work harder, and you gonna need more energy.
It is about how much you need per day, or about how much you suppose to have per day.

How much to store? As more as you can.

Now, I need to say here that my experience with food from the SHTF time is kinda “interesting”, and I can not tell you how much I needed in SHTF, because I never had enough, I always needed more.

Most of the time I did not have enough food, I was hungry more or less for months. So it is possible to survive with dramatically low amount of food. But it is not movie, I suffered a lot, both physically and psychologically, lost weight, get bunch of diseases, lost teeth, my performance sometimes was joke…

Actually I still feeling consequences from that.