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There is the age old problem of the haves vs. the have-nots. Even in non SHTF times I have seen this. We are not “rich” by our standards, but are seen as such by other “poor” people. We have several houses, numerous vehicles, dress well (at least my wife does, LOL). Many of our acquaintances live in trailer parks and drive junk cars, if at all. We help them out occasionally with clothes (that don’t fit us, from deceased family members) or food. They are appreciative, BUT, I can tell there is an underlying resentment; a sense of unfairness. They feel like we are showing off our “wealth” by giving them stuff. BTW, this giving is my wife’s idea. She likes to make and keep friends. I am more anti-social, I guess. Anyway, I can see this a a potential problem down the road when TSHTF. The “you have and we don’t so that’s not ‘fair’ and you should give us your stuff ’cause that’s only fair” attitude, as well as the “we’re going to pay you back for living better then we were all this time” irrational thinking.