And some update what make sense to have stored for the possible flood problems. I just witnessing shortage of these items, and price is going up.
Most of these items we store anyway, but still…

  • shovels
  • disposable masks, and gloves
  • boots (fishing boots, rubber)
  • hand sanitizers, soaps
  • candles, batteries
  • FM radios
  • mosquito repellent, nets,
  • canned food
  • water (a lot)
  • tents and tarps
  • means to treat water
  • first aid
  • antibiotics and medicines to treat diarrhea and vomiting…

I saw some folks with small rubber boats earning the money by taking people some 200-300 meters. And I saw people taking strangers who lost everything in their homes, or giving food to the refugees from the flooded area, so everything is possible.
But best thing is to be prepared, and not waiting for anyone help.

Lot of people left their homes (because landslides destroyed or threatening to destroy their homes) and sleeping in tents some 200 meters from homes.
Thousands of dead animals are floating, or partially dig in mud after water go away, so everybody is waiting for diseases to come. Stench on those areas is unbearable.

And to be even worse, thousands of mines from the war, now because flood and landslides simply “moved” from the ground and change the place.

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