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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Frozenthunderbolt wrote:</div>
Depends who you’re trying to blend in from.

If you want to blend ‘greyman’ style hiding from govt. then you shouldn’t be here, unless you are accessing through a VPN tunneler via tor . . . ;-)

Agree with most of what you say below that (and absolutely no comments on your political/cultural views, Selco-Jay’s forums are among very few places that are not yet hopelessly destroyed by false dichotomy left-right trolling fights). Probably missing your sarcasm, but I do not share your enthusiasm about VPN+TOR. Would it really be that good, it would be outright prohibited and severely persecuted by TPTB. I do not trust the I2P and Freenet either, despite those two look more and more interesting (i.e. usable) recently. Gnunet one day, perhaps, but with current computers being eventually deterministic systems I just have that nasty feeling…

Back to your initial statement – why of course, hiding from my closest neighbors and local LE+gangs (are they the same yet?), that are able to reach me immediately during/after SHTF. Never had plans to save all of the humanity or defeat ECHELON, for example :-) What for, anyway?

Great strategy on “imperfect” blending elements, which are easy to discard when necessity arises and effectively “disappear”, did not think about that..

Considering “perfect” blending – are you familiar with works of Jack Luna at http://www.jjluna.com/myblog ? What do you think about his approach, if so? I follow the old guy (must be in his mid-80s if I’m correct) for quite a few years already, got a lot of advice from his books and blog in the process (mostly about attitude and appearance, way of thinking too). His writings were substantial motivation for me to drop the “machismo” approach to survival and to start “hiding” – he, indirectly, helped me to develop taste for realistic approaches of Selco and co. I would simply not recognize them before (while hunting for and acquiring latest gadgets recommended by Rawles, for example :-/ , or, referring to one of Selco’s posts, – gas masks, everybody should procure some gas masks by next week!), but when I saw them – I immediately realized this is the real “beef” worth of spending time and effort on, learning from, contributing too one day.