Doomed to stay, definitely something to consider.

Family of mine lived in a quiet clean suburb of Chicago for decades. Called South Holland, you can guess what people built the area.

But as the old folks died off, their families didn’t want to move back slowly sold off the properties to others.

The neighborhood became less clean, run down and crime became rampant.

Last time I was there, (20 years ago) there was only my family and one other old couple holding out, the old gent down the block had shot a few burglars so the bad guys tended to avoid that block.

It took a while to sell the family home, not just the price, but getting up the bravery to abandon all they had worked for. The yard, the home, the history.

You can fight change, depending on when you notice it, but you have to start before the decline begins. Otherwise you’re fighting a losing battle. Is it a good battle? Surely. Winnable? Perhaps, but one has to be ready to commit.