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Want to see a real “Zombie Apocalypse” ? Go to walmart on saturday about 11am, around the first of the month. How half these people survive month to month, is a mystery to me! Shopping carts full of the most unhealthiest things, soda pop in every color,sugary foods that make my teeth hurt just looking at it. Fat laden over processed meats. All purchased via their snap cards….
Then theres the people that navigate life with psychotropic drugs. Zombies when that runs out…Cannibalistic vegan eaters. I’d rather deal with a pack of starving dogs, than them people!
Went to the movies the other day, saw Captain America, pretty good movie by the way. After the movie was over, the people walking out to the parking lot were walking heads down turning on their cell phones and checking messages and texts. A semi truck doing 70mph blasting air horns could have plowed into those people and I doubt anyone would have evan looked up. Fricken Zombies..