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whirl LE responds after something happens… when dealing with people like that do you want a clean up crew or to take care of it before it hurts you? LE is only good to pick up pieces or if it goes on long enough respond… how long does a life crippling or ending incident take… some consolation. When you are dealing with drugs there is a violence level not seen in normal people.


I spent 10 years as a member of the largest janitorial semi-franchised service out there, a PD.

Yup, responding after the fact to most problems, cleaning up other peoples excrement.

That doesn’t mean everything was after the fact, I worked a lot of dope. Several dope houses I got shut down after neighbor complaints.  Simply sitting across the street eating my lunch, getting a pole cam set up for when I wasn’t there, stopping every car that came and went, talking to said cars owners about their kids or whoever was driving.

One house was quickly condemned and the firemen got to burn it, one was seized and sold.

Most places have nuisance abatement laws/ordinances. Use them to your advantage.

There are two options here, doing nothing and suffering,  watching property values plummet, the normal daily risks of having a dope house next door, burglary,  theft, etc.

Or being pro-active.

Both have risks, one has benefits.

Invite the Chief of Police over for a cup of lemonade, let him see firsthand the situation.  You may be surprised with the results.