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Thanks again, everybody. If we could afford to move, we’d leave here tomorrow. You gave us a lot of usable info that will make our forced stay with the young offenders easier. Our options are limited because they range in age from 14 to 17 and we would be legally considered the aggressors. (Doesn’t matter that the oldest is 6 feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, and has a criminal record.) The fire inspector told us the next time the kids set a fire, we could appeal to have them charged as adults. Apparently, kids who both torture animals and set fires are taken more seriously because they are statistically more likely to offend as adults.

We ordered thorny “ornamentals” from the garden nursery and are costing out your other suggestions. The neighbourhood teenagers stole the security lights and smashed the camera on our front porch in October, so that’s another $280 down the drain.

Found these books that might be of interest to you:

Fighting the Pain Resistant Attacker by Loren Christensen http://www.turtlepress.com/How_to_Fight_the_Pain_Resistant_Attacker_p/299.html

Humane Pressure Point Self-Defense for Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel, Business Professionals, Men and Women by George Dillman http://www.amazon.com/Humane-Pressure-Point-Self-Defense-Professionals/dp/1889267031

The kids are mellow when they just smoke marijuana and drink beer with their mother. The trouble starts when they smoke crack and combine methamphetamine (PCP) with Ecstasy. They stay awake for days and get very agitated. The investigating officer looked at us like we are dumb and said, “Kids start smoking pot in the school yard in this neighbourhood in Grade 3.” News to us. Time to leave.