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PatJoe – I am so sorry you are having such a bad time of it with these creeps. As a farmer girl here it is my current frame of reference. My local ag catalog has a couple of things that might help you.

1) Bird spikes – come in stainless steel and hard plastic in all kinds of sizes and come in colors from some manufacturers to make them ‘blend’. I use this all over the farm and not just because of the birds. They are on all the exterior windowsills of my house. They are on the tops of fences in certain areas as one layer of deterence not just for people but all the critters out here. Easy to install. Not very expensive. Legally, you are deterring birds and cats not people right? See an example here and then you can google for other places to get/styles/composition. You can take strips of these, and on the inside of a window start at top and nail the strips, spikes facing out, and nail them all the way down the frame on particularly vulnerable windows. If you have a roll up shade behind it – it’s not directly visible from street (like fortress look) but closer up an intruder would see it.

2) Top Guard – I have had to use a top guard in the past on a fence because of critters and kids trying to jump a fence to take a shortcut through a garden. See pic for what it is. I used cheap 2′ wide chicken wire once. (The idea when you attach it to the guard is to make it droopy not taught so that an animal can’t gain a footing to spring from/get caught up in it if they try to cross it. I threw all my rose bush and barberry cuttings up on it as well. That worked. Less unsightly yet equally effective is draping black or black.green bird netting attached to the top guard. It would probably also catch any drug paraphanalia tossed over your fence.

3) Check out cattle prods from a local ag dealer as a weapon – I think they are ‘legal’ to possess in Canada if they are 19″ and over? You’d have to double check that. This is a link to mine (I do use it when loading/moving cattle if needed) – but also carry it with me on the ATV everywhere on farm – and turned on when I am walking in the woods on property to hit the copper head snakes with.

Haha! I’ll keep an eye out about the place today and see what other wicked things we have out here that might help you. HTH in some small way.

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