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When I was a kid in Phoenix, Arizona (mid 1960’s), my sister saw a peeping tom at her window one night. My dad starting posting himself outside at night, but the guy wouldn’t come back, which suggested he was someone who lived nearby and watched the house from a window and knew my Dad was there. So, Dad took a machete, removed the grip panels, took a short plank a little longer than the blade and using a spring and some scrap steel flat stock, he built what looked like a giant mousetrap–instead of the trap bale that would catch and hold a full-grown man, he used the machete blade. He set the trap near the window, mounting it horizontally to the building, at about ankle height (achilles tendon). One night, my sister heard a high-pitched scream outside, and awoke my parents. Dad and I went outside with firearms, but found nothing but the sprung trap and a little blood… Of course, it would be better if you could move almost anywhere in the southwestern US. We don’t just have baseball bats, we have real firearms–of all types. All legal here. 11 million Mexicans can’t be wrong…