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While Whirl and Novus advice to pat joe seems reasonable it is flawed.. so you get the one brother in jail you think the other and mom not gonna take it personally? best advice move from there not worth the fight that will come.  Selcos comes second best if you have to then do but, you time it wrong  you will be spending on a lawyer. best advice is to  move away.

Think even after then you have undesirable coming around looking for drugs so   you will be in high theft area always and 4-5 days into a SHTF you will have  people out of their minds  coming around looking  about someone who might have what they need not knowing which house since their regular dealer is out …knock knock.


If you have to stay  you better bunker down and have everything locked tight as hell your garden will not be a place you can use since  junkies always looking for a quick score to steal anything that has value and damage  rest while taking  something of little value. dependent on what  kind of drugs you will also get  drug paraphernalia that is broken or discarded in your yard…HIV Needle? Hepatitis crack pipe glass anyone?


now saying that  one way you can get rid of them is do they rent? if so you can log enough  complaints with neighbors on your side it becomes a troubled property….this puts pressure on the  owner to evict the tenant and police will cruise by, but if something goes wrong before you can get rid of them expect  large collateral damage.  think burned out house. and yes  junkies will torch a place for enough drugs about $20 dollars worth.