Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Yeah it’s pretty simple to construct things that’ll go bang when you pull a trigger. Not going to go into detail for obvious reasons, but the information is out there (I believe I mentioned on here a while back a couple books on the subject).

Anyway, anything that’s rather stout can be swung successfully at someone to take them out of the fight, but of course if they’re in your space, you’re also in theirs. To counteract that you’ll want to put distance between you. Laugh if you must, but I use a hockey stick for that, and if you’ve ever played hockey you know how much someone slashing you with the blade of the stick hurts. If you hit someone in the right spots you can take them down rather quick.

Even stuff like wasp spray can help (or bear spray which has been used a lot by criminals here in Newfoundland as of late).

Remember these three rules for fighting:

Can’t fight if you can’t; See, Stand, or Breath.

If you take out one of those three you should win.

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