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Lots of good discussion here – How do I blend in?  I don’t really – I wear what I want to wear (jeans, t-shirts, baseball hat) and act like I want to act.  What I do though is I keep to myself – that is my blend I guess.  My neighbors know me as that guy who talks to me every once in a while and offers to help out when needed (fixing the fences, projects, etc.).  I’m a military veteran, but other than the required base stickers on my vehicles I don’t advertise.  I ALWAYS keep my garage door closed so no one is driving by and eyeing my stuff.  When they do catch a glimpse it just looks like a bunch of junk/boxes/bags.  My wife an I are naturally anti-social so we are both at home not having guests except family about once a year or so.  When I go out shooting I keep all the weapons in rectangle cases and I load them in the dark early.  When I come back, I leave them in the truck until dark.  I do have a couple BOV’s, but the jeep is older and the paint is faded and chipping off and the Ford Expedition is just like the soccer mom’s SUV of a few years ago.  I’ve talked to all of my kids to not talk to their friends about any of the preps.  If they come over and look in the shelves, it looks like it’s just well stocked.  I don’t think that gangs would pick my house over any other, probably less since I have a 100 lb. dog in the backyard.  Anyway, that’s how I do it – low profile.  I just look like a normal DIY type of guy – and I am.

Patjoe – That sucks what happened to you.  I had a nasty old woman that lived behind me when I moved in.  I tore the back fence down because it was rotted and moved it toward her yard because that was where the property line was.  She thought I was stealing her land and called the cops on me.  I was prepared and gave the cop the map of the lots and that was it.  The next time she came out when I was working we just started talking and I offered to take a pile of rubbish away from her yard because I had some going already.  After that she was fine and always came over to talk.  The other neighbors were not nice to her and she was not nice back, but to me she was…Probably not an option in your situation.  Agree with Whirli – as long as you have proof of them doing stuff to your property you should be able to get them.  Might want to pick up at game camera – they’re like $30 or so.  They will snap a picture when the motion detector goes off and will take one every second if you program it such.  You can paint them camo colors and hit it in places not to be noticed.  If you pay a bit extra and get a night version it will take pics in the dark too.  The pics go on an SD chip and you just pull them after you find your property disturbed.  If they didn’t find it (you can lock them to tree or other also), you should have some pics of the perps.  Good luck.

HABCAN – good points for if you live around undesirables or a large population.  My area is a bit more rural so I don’t have to go that far, but I like the way you think.

Vadim – man, you must really live in an area saturated with those types.  I’d never consider going to those lengths to try and hide my real identity (at least at present), but I’m guessing you feel you have to do it.  I’ve done a couple tours in both Carolina’s so I know what you’re saying, but I never paid attention to NASCAR or any of that.  When I met one we just didn’t talk about that, but about something else like deer hunting that I figured we both had in common.  I hear you on the macho image some are out there to portray and I agree that is stupid.  It just draws unnecessary attention.  I’ve got some buddies that hang out on ARF.com and I like this much better cause it doesn’t seem like anyone is out to “out prove” anyone else on here – just help if they have the knowledge to chime in.  Simplifying you life is a good plan – I’m doing the same.  Hand tools instead of a huge collection of electronic ones.  Agree with you – if it’s long enough, we’ll all eventually encounter miscreants that want what we have – like Selco says, you don’t have to be Mr. Tactical, you just have to show them that it will cost them more than they’ll probably be willing to pay.

FT – agree on the .gov spying.  The only way around that would be if you never had an email, credit card, bank account and only paid cash for everything, a near impossibility in today’s age.  Same with me on internet purchases – they could be aligned with something the Boy Scouts would get.  Anything that appears out of the norm is purchased a few at a time over years or from different local stores, of course with cash.  Great points on the “blending” – I’m not  a good enough actor for any of that, but I agree that most people only focus on one or two things about a person when they meet unless you make yourself a spectacle which keeps them glancing over at you and picking out something different each time.  You want them to just glance at you and go “whatever”.  I try and think of how I look at people and tailor myself accordingly as “unremarkable” which isn’t hard as I’ve never been into overpriced name brand stuff.


Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.
- Thomas Paine