Blending in.

The age old problem, surviving and thriving while all those around you are losing everything including their minds.

First, don’t stand out. That may mean wearing a three piece suit for some, denim and flannel for others.

There are things that may or may not “fit” regardless. For those who like tattoo’s, some people and areas are never going to be ‘tat’ friendly. Especially many of the modern tats. A good friend of mine, now gone to his reward, had a single tat on each limb, but then he was getting ready to go to vietnam and wanted all his appendages to be identifiable if the worst happened. But even he took pains to hide them in polite company.

A couple of friends/former coworkers had some work related tats, one had his badge put on his shoulder, the other had her gunbelt tattooed around her waist. When she got out of LE work, I don’t know how she felt about it anymore. Personally, even as a cop, I didn’t want any identifiers that would give it away.

Same for ‘body modifications’ such as piercings. You can be a Rhodes scholar and I’m still going to look at you funny with those guages in your ears.


In the movie “Red”, the main character steps out to put the trash out.  He looks around the neighborhood after a neighbor greets him and notices that his house is the only one without Christmas decorations. So he then goes out and puts up Christmas decorations, to not stand out.

If all your neighbors have “Illinois” flags out, you better think about a flagpole. All the neighbors have bars on the windows, well when I was a cop, we called that a clue.
That’s safety, not just fitting in.
And it’s not just ‘keeping up with the Jones’s, it’s often a practical reason also.