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THANKS, Hillbilly.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Web site says I could have a real antique made before 1898. It would have to be a muzzleloader, matchlock, flintlock, or wheel lock long gun. I could not have a modern replica or a long gun with a barrel longer than 4 inches (105 mm). Does that mean an arquebus or musket? Antique hand guns and percussion cap guns are strictly prohibited. But the RCMP also says, “A firearm that discharges black powder cartridges might be considered an antique if it was made before 1898, but not necessarily. It would depend on the caliber or gauge. For example, a shotgun that discharges 12 gauge centre-fire cartridges would not be considered an antique no matter how old it is.”  I realize something is better than nothing, but don’t they take a long time to load and tend to backfire? Is it worthwhile to get a real antique long gun?