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It is good to have an immediate plan for right after the SHTF and that should be your first look. But I would also look hard at the various other resources of the area, most importantly human recourses.

One of the major downfalls of an epic event of long duration, such as a war, is the loss of “tribal knowledge.” Will you have the next generation at over 90% illiteracy rates? Will you draw on the knowledge of those who know how to rebuild your area? Will you make sure that knowledge is not lost to the next generation?

In Afghanistan the child mortality rate is 20%. Unfortunately, the main reason is not due to lack of medical care, but lack of hygiene, vector control and first aid. This basic information died with the elders. With an average life expectancy of 41 and a 25 year old war, those who knew these basics had died and the information died with them.

What are your plans for sustaining the next generation?